Are you looking for a do it yourself (DIY) Montana hunting trip on a budget? Consider llama rentals for your Montana hunting trip. Hunting with llamas has gained popularity due to the fact that they will follow you across the most challenging terrain. Llamas have been used for thousands of years to move supplies over rugged landscapes; because they are relatively easy to take care of, coupled with their inherent strength and agility, llamas continue to provide packing assistance for hunting and more. Llamas are in the Camelid family, they don’t need to drink water every day. Additionally, llamas eat most plants found in the wilderness in Northwest Montana, which means no packing in supplemental feed. Elk hunters are particularly fond of llamas. They can keep their camp with them while they hunt, and pitch a tent wherever they end up after the hunting day, instead of returning to camp every night. The best part is, after a two hour llama packing clinic, anyone will be ready to pack llamas on their hunting trip. Swan Mountain Llama Trekking will supply saddle, blankets, panniers, scale, halter and lead ropes, stakeout leads and more. We also have camping equipment for rent if needed. Rental clients are using our llamas as an unguided trip, so you can access any of the public lands in Northwest Montana. We can also help you pick the perfect hunting location for your DIY hunt!

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