I love hiking in the back country, but hate hauling a pack. That is what made my 4-day llama trek with Swan Mountain Llama Trekking so enjoyable! The llamas did all of the hard work of carrying the supplies, allowing me the pleasure of enjoying the spectacular scenery & traveling much further than if I were packing my own gear. Our guide was friendly & knowledgable, the food was amazing (fresh trout out of a high mountain pond) & the gear was excellent. I had never hiked with llamas before, but Rodeo Red became my new best friend. Give it a try – well worth the effort!
- Pam & Robert | Austin, Texas
We may have planned our whole vacation to Glacier National Park area on the premise of spending an entire day with llamas… that one day was well worth it. The llama packing clinic was great. We arrived to the ranch in the morning and met our friendly guide & four-legged trekking companions. The hands on fun quickly began as we learned to corral the llamas and prepare them for the day. We haltered them, groomed them and saddled the llamas. We went over packing basics & practice with a seasoned trekking llama. Then we hit the trail! After a moderate hike (llamas are snacky and like to take breaks), we arrived at a beautiful waterfall and enjoyed a lunch that our llama carried for us. It was a great day where we learned a lot about these really cool animals. The only thing that could have been better was if we could take a llama home with us.
- Rebecca & Al | Pacifica, CA
HUGE thank you to Pat and Swan Mountain Llama Trekking for the incredible opportunity to visit your ranch and learn about packing with llamas. Special thank you to our pack guide, Patrick, for spending the time with our club members. Your instruction was spot on and our group as a whole really learned a lot from this experience. The llamas and trek was such a hit, the kids have not quit talking about it and the adults had an awesome time! We are so grateful to have such a wonderful community of 4-H supporters and are fortunate to have met you all! Anyone who is interested in seeing Montana’s true beauty is sure to find just that and more in a tour hosted by Swan Mountain Llama Trekking! Thank you for your hospitality!
- LLAMA 4-H club | Kalispell, MT