Swan Mountain Llama Trekking offers a wide spectrum of things to do near Glacier National Park Montana. Whether you only have half a day and are looking for something novel and different or you have all day, we can accommodate you. We offer several types of llama treks that easily fit into any vacation to the area:

  • 1/2-Day Llama Trek plus Lunch
  • All Day Llama Trek plus Lunch
  • Evening 3-hour Wine & Cheese Llama Trek
  • Tipsy Brush Painting Llama Trek
  • 1-hour Intro to Llama Packing Clinic
  • Llama Packing/Trekking Clinic
  • Custom Daily Llama Trek Adventure

Half Day Llama Trek Plus Lunch

Cool off and enjoy lunch at Bond Falls

Guests typically arrive at Swan Mountain Ranch at 10:30 am for their lunch date with a llama. We will pack the llamas with our lunch and chairs, tables, etc. and then head out into the Flathead National Forest after a briefing on llama facts and safety. We will leisurely hike along trails seeing the Swan and Mission Mountain ranges that border the Swan Valley to the east and west respectively. By noon, everyone will have worked up an appetite so we’ll park our llamas and set up lunch by a creek side or on a ridge with vista views of the Swan Valley. After a relaxing lunch we will work our way back to Swan Mountain Ranch.


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All Day Llama Trek Plus Lunch

Guests need to arrive at Swan Mountain Ranch at 8:30 am for their all day guided llama trekking adventure. Once everyone has arrived, we will give a llama orientation and trail safety speech. Guests then follow their guide to the trailhead. We will drive with trailered llamas in tow to the Upper Bond trail in the Flathead National Forest. Upon arrival, we will unload guests and llamas alike, pack up our lunch provisions and chairs, and head out onto the trail. Guests will trek along this winding trail, crossing bond creek over a charming log bridge. You can’t beat the lush flora and may have a chance to pick some seasonal berries. We take a break to dip our toes in the water and enjoy lunch at the waterfall. Ambitious hikers can make it all the way to bond lake in one day , or you may choose to take it easy and set a relaxed pace. Whichever you choose there is plenty to enjoy along this breathtaking trail.

Don’t forget to stop in and say hi to Joe & Jocelyn at the Swan Trading Post. They serve the famed Huckleberry Ice Cream – a Montana must!
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Evening 3 hour Wine & Cheese Llama Trek

Photo by: Jim White

Guests have their choice in the summer months of a pre or post dinner wine and cheese llama trek.  Those that select the pre-dinner trek, typically arrive at Swan Mountain Ranch at 4:30 pm for their wine and cheese affair with a llama. Post-dinner treks begin at 7:00 pm. We will pack the llamas with our goodies, chairs, tables, etc. and then head out into the Flathead National Forest  after a briefing on llama facts and safety. We will dine creekside where we can drink up the beauty of the Swan Valley as the llamas watch us partake in the spoils they were kind enough to pack in for us.  Don’t be shocked if we slip in a little chocolate in our basket to “cleanse” the taste buds before we lead our llamas back to the ranch.
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Tipsy Brush Painting Llama Trek

Paint this llama scene at our next Tipsy Brush Llama Trek, June 14!

Take a llama trek and a painting class in the great outdoors! Revel in sounds of Bond Creek while you paint, socialize and sip refreshing beverages. We start our trek from the upper Bond Creek trail head and set up the painting clinic beside Bond Creek, the same location as our “Wine & Cheese Llama Treks.” Swan Mountain Llama Trekking guides provide sangria or mimosas for the trips. Guests are responsible for bringing whatever snacks that they would like. You will have an opportunity to create a painting on the trip which you can take home. No painting experience is required as the instructor will guide the class step-by-step. Shipping options are available if guests would like the canvas shipped to them. All painting materials, including the canvas are provided by Tipsy Brush and are included in the price for the trek. Time is 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, with 10:00 AM being the check-in time to meet at the ranch in Swan Lake. Learn more about Tipsy Brush.

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1 hour Intro to Llama Packing Clinic

We consistently hear from the guests of our trips that they would like to learn more about our animals and how to pack. As a result, Swan Mountain Llama Trekking has designed a very unique and perhaps one-of-a-kind llama packing & trekking clinic. Unlike most of our trips, where our llama guides essentially pack our llamas and go, this special llama excursion emphasizes training our guests on the ins and outs of llama packing and trekking. We will cover a wide array of topics including: history of llamas; behavior of llamas; training llamas-basics for the purpose of packing; llama packing equipment; llama packing dos and don’ts; planning llama treks; safety and first aid on llama treks; llama catching, trailering, storage and feed, and; resources for the do-it-yourself llama trekker. Guests will arrive at Swan Mountain Ranch at a predetermined time where we will teach you how to saddle and pack the llamas followed by a brief walk around the property. For those of you that are interested in the llamas and not so much the hiking this is a great option for you.
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Llama Packing and Trekking Clinic

Swan Mountain Llama Trekking has designed a very unique and perhaps one-of-a-kind llama packing/trekking clinic. Click here to learn more about this unique llama educational experience.
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Custom Daily Llama Trek Adventure

Planning a special event, or having a corporate retreat, family reunion, or wedding in Northwest Montana?  Why not work with Swan Mountain Llama Trekking to create a custom llama trek or llama based activity.  We can host groups at Swan Mountain Ranch for your custom llama trek or can trailer llamas to your facility.  We enjoy planning unique events and llama-based adventures, so give us a call and let’s plan a one-of-a-kind llama adventure together! Click here to learn more about Custom Llama Trek Adventures.


Discover why Swan Mountain Llama Trekking is your family’s best choice for things to do in Glacier National Park!

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